Catering/Store Manager Up to $21.00/hr.** job vacancy in Chick-fil-A | Audubon, NJ (Audubon, NJ 08106)

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Company name : Chick-fil-A | Audubon, NJ
Location : Audubon, NJ 08106
Position : Catering/Store Manager Up to $21.00/hr.**

Description :
** Up to $21.00/hr. based upon in restaurant management experience.

Employee Promise
We want our employees to flourish, that is why we promise to create an environment that promotes community, advancement and impact. We back up our promise with a benefits package that supports health, wealth, and well-being.

Job Summary

We are looking for enthusiastic, hard-working, servant leaders to join our family at Chick-fil-A Audubon & Barrington. We pride ourselves in having the best people in the business. This is a fast paced environment and we have high expectations of our employees, but we also take good care of our team.

Roles and Responsibilities: This is a hybrid role that includes overseeing catering pick up and delivery fulfillment along with
leading a team through daily shifts

Ensuring that products and guests’ experience are consistent with our brand, culture and standard of excellence
Effectively communicate clearly with guests, team members and leaders
Customer service; courteously greet guests, take orders, explain and suggest menu items
Stand for periods of up to 8 hours in length
Maintain a sanitary and safe restaurant by mopping, sweeping floors, removing the trash, cleaning equipment, and keeping restrooms clean
Preparing, assembling and serving products to food stations and guests
Ensure restaurant complies with food safety and Health Inspection Standards
Assemble, clean, maintain and operate: general equipment, soft serve machine, and soda towers
Provide Leadership to ensure your S.H.I.F.T. operates with excellence
Provide on-going Coaching that fosters the CFA culture and operational excellence
Perform Manager responsibilities
REPORTS TO: Director Operations
Staging, assigning or delivering catering creating remarkable guest experiences

1) Be a “REMARK-able” Team Member
Being a Leader comes with the responsibility of being the example. Other TM’s will take their cues from your work ethic, values, attitude, conversation, etc. If you don’t do things the “Chick-fil-A way”, no one else can be expected to.

Promote the CFA corporate and CFA-AC purpose, vision, and values
Always strive to hold to Pathway training standards in everything
Stay Humble, Hungry and Smart:
Humble: a title is about service and responsibility
Hungry: always look for more responsibility and more to do and learn
Smart: have common sense about how to effectively work with TM’s and interact with Guests

2) Provide Leadership to ensure your S.H.I.F.T. operates with excellence and
take ownership of the shift and every aspect of FOH operations: DT, FC and DR. The goal is for the shift to run smoothly,
excellently and profitably; for TM’s and Guests to have a remarkable experience.

“S” = “See and Be Seen”: Always be AWARE of what is going on in the restaurant. The first thing you should do when you arrive on your shift is greet your TM’s and then look to see if the shift is set up for success (Is the game-plan made? Are drinks, lowboys, condiments and supplies stocked for the next rush? Is the DR clean?) Constantly be aware of the monitors, the operations, and each area of the FOH. You should also be VISIBLE to your team and guests – you are not visible to anyone in the office.
“H” = “Help out where Needed”: Jump in and come to the aid of your team. (Does the DR host need help? Does DT need a pusher? Does FC need an extra register or server? ) Avoid being tied down to any one position for too long.
“I” = “Investigate & Influence”: Be aware of red screens, monitor SOS, observe hospitality quality interactions, quality of food and cleanliness; INFLUENCE the outcomes in these areas. People do what is expected and what is INSPECTED. Always be checking on team performance and do something about what you discover.
“F” = “Float”: Again, you should not be in any one position for a long period unless absolutely necessary. FLOAT so you touch all areas of the restaurant.
“T” = “Talk”: COMMUNICATE with your team. Give DIRECTION and FEEDBACK. Acknowledge and THANK team members when they work hard and represent the business well. A manager cannot effectively run a shift without trust, respect and ongoing communication. Communicate as needed with upper leaders on ops and issues.

3) Provide Leadership that fosters the CFA culture and operational excellence
It’s the TM’s job to be attentive and courteous to Guests, it’s your job to be attentive and courteous to TM’s. Serve and take
care of your team and they will serve and take care of the Guests! Although every TM should receive thorough and effective
training, over time things are forgotten or standards slip. Be on the lookout for opportunities to keep TM behaviors and
performance in line with the Chick-fil-A way. The goal is to give our Guests a CONSISTENTLY REMARKable experience
EVERY time, reflected in achievement of CEM goals.

Ensure TM’s are equipped to do their jobs well
Provide real-time AFFIRMATION when you observe TM’s working hard and serving Guests and performing tasks the “Chick-fil-A way”
Provide real-time COACHING and correction when you observe TM’s not serving Guests or performing tasks according to Pathway or store standards
Be on the lookout for any trends that need corporate re-training and report this to the FOH director or send out a reminder to the team as appropriate (i.e. lack of the Core Four, shakes over-portioned, poor order accuracy, etc.)

4) Perform Manager Duties:

Be competent and confident in your responsibilities as a manager
Create the game-plan for your shift, ensure shift is set up for success
Assign registers and have a drawer ready for TM’s before they arrive on shift
Answer the phone and respond or handle the matter appropriately
Resolve Guest issues and complaints appropriately
Take catering orders over the phone, enter into the system, confirm payment method, and notify marketing director and catering coordinators of exceptionally large orders and deliveries immediately
Ensure TM’s clock-in and clock-out according to their scheduled shift
Monitor breaks, particularly for minors
Make appropriate judgment calls when the store is slow or busy – if slow, ask for volunteers to leave early; if busy, ask for volunteers to stay later or send a message out for TM’s to come in early
Take ownership and keep a pulse on all aspects of the store: DT, FC and DR. Ensure all areas of the business are flowing smoothly, Guests are being served, the DR, restrooms and parking lot are clean, disinfecting protocols followed, team members meet ALL uniform requirements etc.
Count any drawers at the end of your shift
Before you leave, communicate any relevant details to the next Manager on duty and set the next shift up for success

Manager’s Code of Honor

We hire character and develop skills
We offer continuous praise and feedback
We send negativity to work someplace else
We celebrate loyalty and develop potential

If you believe you can practice all of our Code of Honor everyday on shift, please read further!
We are looking for enthusiastic, hard-working, servant leaders to join our family at Chick-fil-A Barrington. We pride ourselves in having the best people in the business. Your support in the restaurant will be essential to our restaurant in continuing to be “remarkable”.

Your Impact

Work in high performance teams in multiple areas
Provide unforgettable hospitality within and even beyond the four walls of our restaurant
Have a positive influence on all who come into contact with Chick-fil-A, and the community
Participate in a fast paced, upbeat environment that serves guests in record times with top quality products.
Maintain a refreshingly clean environment

Your Opportunity

Leadership opportunity for college or university students as well as adults looking to advance their career in restaurant
Great opportunity to advance a career in restaurant
With over 100 employees at this location and multiple tiers of leadership, there’s plenty of room to grow!
Path for growth includes: Assistant Director and Director Levels

Benefits: Free Food, Flexible Schedule, Vacation Time, Great Benefits, Scholarship Opportunities and more.

A positive attitude
Strategic thinker and goal-oriented
Displays patience & a positive attitude.
Ability to work and move with a sense of urgency
A love for people
Ability to lift up to 40 pounds
Available to work Fridays and Saturdays

In our kitchens, we focus on fresh and simple ingredients. And we always have. Since the beginning, we’ve served chicken that is whole breast meat, with no added fillers or hormones, and we bread it by hand in our restaurants. Produce is delivered fresh to our kitchens several times a week. Salads are chopped and prepared fresh throughout the day. It may not be the easy way, but it’s the only way we know. America’s #1 fast food!

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